CanSat Lift-off in the Eurpean Finale

The Team

We are the team Astra Aether from Bad Homburg. 


The team consists of Linus, Hongye, Niki, Lennard, Constantin, Boris, Alina and our supervisor Mr. Sebastian Fischer. We are currently attending Q1 and Q3 at Kaiserin-Friedrich-Gymnasium and Humboldtschule in Bad Homburg, Germany. Together we represent the chemistry, math and physics classes.


The team came together in different phases over several years: Linus and Boris met in elementary school at the award ceremony of an art competition. Hong Ye joined them in the 5th grade. Boris and Hong Ye participated in the World Robotics Olympiad in 5th grade and made it all the way to the world finals in India.


Lennard has also been on the team since E-Phase. Four of them worked on the first project, an EMP, hobby-style.


In the second half of the E-Phase, together with Mr. Fischer, they took part in our first official competition as a team - the DLR wind turbine competition. In this competition they were also able to convince and achieved the 3rd place in Germany. 


In the winter of 2021/22, the four of them participated in the CanSat competition 21/22 for the first time and achieved 2nd place at the German level. Due to publicity inside and outside the school about the CanSat competition, another three team members came together: Niki, Constantin and Alina - and so the team for the CanSat competition 2022/23 was ready!

Von links: Linus Habetha, Hongye Zhang, Niki Sadtler, Lennard Voigt, Constantin Rambold, Boris Kantor, Alina Bachmann und Sebastian Fischer


Currently we participate in the CanSat competition, which is very costly due to its intensity. Therefore, we thank our sponsors:


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